Our Story

The 20th Century Club's Lodge

Fighting cancer is a fight for survival.  It's a physically and emotionally draining journey full of unknowns.  It's enough to deal with even without the added stress of being away from home and wondering where you're going to stay while undergoing treatment.  For nearly 25 years the 20th Century Club's Lodge has helped relieve a little of that stress by providing Hope Away From Home.  The 20th Century Club's Lodge eases the journey for cancer patients.

Some of the world's best cancer treatment facilities are located right here in Central Arkansas and many of those afflicted will make their way to Little Rock for treatment.

Cancer patients need a full circle of support to aid their treatment and recovery.  Family, friends, counselors and physicians are all part of that circle of care.  When one is required to travel to receive treatment--leaving home, family and friends--there is a gap in the support team.

The 20th Century Club's Lodge bridges that gap by providing a place to stay, healthy meals and snacks, and a community of support.

The 20th Century Club's Lodge is not aligned with any hospital or healthcare organization.  We help all cancer patients regardless of where they receive treatment.  Since the April 2011 opening the 20th Century Club's Lodge has provided an average of 425 nights of no-cost housing per month to financially-needy patients from Arkansas and beyond.

The 20th Century Club of Little Rock, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.